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VeriFact® A is an omni-directional, low output impedance, electric condenser microphone with built-in preamplifier for producing line level audio output. The VeriFact® A captures an exceptional quality of sound, a wide frequency response and has exceptional durability. VeriFacts® in the field have been known to exceed 15 years of continuous operation.

  • Easily mounted to ceiling or wall
  • Durable anti-static
  • Sound Capture within 30′ diameter circle
  • May be located up to 1000′ from the base receiver
  • Sensitivity switch

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Product Details

Box Contents
Verifact A Microphone
Installation Requirements
  • CCTV
  • DVR
  • For IP camera with Mic level input refer to the A-ML
Other Info
4″ Diag. x 1.5″ H
3’ drop down microphone cable
6’ Extended microphone cable
Anti-static ABS
Can pick up normal sounds within a 15′ radius
Designed for areas with excessive background noise
Designed for outdoor use
Durable anti-static
Easily mounted to ceiling or wall
Fits into single-gang electrical box
Flush or surface mount to wall or ceiling
High ceiling applications
May be deployed up to 1000’ from the Louroe base station
Non-slip bottom for firm adherence to surfaces
Omni-directional within 30’ diameter circle
Pickup pattern is within 10′ of the microphone element
Pickup pattern is within 12′ of the microphone element
Pre-amplified for line level output
Sensitivity switch: normal/low
Single-gang weather resistant bell box
Sound Capture within 30′ diameter circle
Special/custom applications
Stainless steel faceplate
Two opposing built-in microphones
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