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VeriFact® D


Single Gang Stainless Steel Line Level Microphone

VeriFact® D is an omnidirectional, low impedance, electret condenser microphone with a built-in preamp producing line-level output. It provides listening capabilities between the area of coverage and the Louroe Base Station. The microphone assembly is mounted to the back of a stainless steel face plate that fits into a single-gang electrical box, designed for wall or ceiling mounting. Single gang electrical box not included.

  • Designed for easy wall or ceiling installation
  • Stainless steel face plate
  • Sound Capture within 30′ diameter circle
  • Distances up to 1000′ from the Louroe Microphone to a CCTV Camera, Louroe Base Station, or 3rd party monitoring hardware
  • Rear Panel Sensitivity Dip Switch, N (Normal Setting, 0db), or L (Low Setting, -6db)
  • Easy 3-position Phoenix terminal block connectivity

Power and Cable Connectivity:

  • Requires 12Vdc external power, (Recommended DC Power Supply AD-1, LE-242, Click Here)
  • Requires Belden 8451West Penn 452, or similar 2 conductor shielded cable for audio connectivity


  • Convenience Stores
  • Fast Food Restaurants
  • Booking Rooms
  • Interrogation Rooms
  • Day Care Centers
  • Sleep Disorder Centers
  • Therapy Labs
  • Cashier Booths
  • Gas Stations
  • Anywhere CCTV Cameras Are Installed
Included in: ASK-4® #102
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5-Year warranty
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Audio Monitoring Notice

When this equipment is used as part of an audio monitoring system, the law requires that the public be given notice of AUDIO MONITORING ON THE PREMISES.
Two decal notices are included with each microphone shipped.

Federal Law References: Federal Regulations, US Code, Title 18, Crime and Criminal Procedure. Sec 2510.


What's in the box

1 x Verifact D Microphone, 1 x Owners Manual/Instructions

Installation Requirements



  • All Louroe base stations
  • IP cameras with line-level audio input
  • NVR
  • Video System


Microphone Pickup:
Omnidirectional, (360 degrees)
Operating Voltage:
Current Draw:
Microphone Sensitivity:
Audio Output Level:
Line Level, (0 dBV, 600 ohms @1kHz)
Adjustable Line Level Audio Output:
Rear Panel Sensitivity Dip Switch, N (Normal Setting, 0db), or L (Low Setting, -6db)
Frequency Response:
50 Hz to 15 kHz
Self termination using a 3-position Phoenix terminal block, (A Terminal, +12Vdc In), (B Terminal, Audio Output), (C Terminal, Power+ Audio Ground)
Microphone Housing:
High impact anti-static ABS
Connectivity Distance:
Up to 1000 ft.
Cable Requirements:
22-24 AWG, 2 Conductor Shielded cable with a 22-24 AWG drain wire (Belden 8451 or West Penn 452)
2.76” W x 4.51” H

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