Retail & C-Store

Increase Retail Profitability and Improve Operations

Retail is a vital part of the U.S. economy, accounting for one in four jobs according to the National Retail Federal on (NRF). However, shrinkage continues to plague store managers and averages approximately 1.4 percent of retail sales. Today, it is essential that retailers invest in audio security and loss prevention technologies to protect their assets and deter employee theft , shoplifting and organized retail crime.

When applied to a retail location and convenience stores, Louroe Electronics’ microphones add to both security and service. In the event of a crime or customer dispute, audio monitoring adds context and evidence that video alone doesn’t provide. Audio is also used as a training tool to coach employees on proper protocol and customer service.

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Suggested Placements
Checkout Counters
Store Aisle & Shelves
Loss Prevention Office & Cash Room
Parking Lots
The Louroe Difference
Analytics and integration for cost-effective operations
Extensive portfolio to fulfill every need
Remote monitoring and alerts
Minimal bandwidth and storage needs Scalable, future-proof solutions
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