School Visitor Management: 3 Ways the VeriFact 545/ DigiFact 895 Improve School Security

Schools are among the most critical locations to have robust security systems, for everything from emergency preparedness and response to school visitor management. With school violence becoming an unfortunate reality of the world we are in today, ensuring your schools security and safety measures are up to par is a must. Traditional technology such as video surveillance has been proven helpful for the review of incidents as well as the ability to live monitor during school hours. However, video alone cannot sufficiently notify the correct personnel of an incident in the moment, which can affect reaction time. Additionally, when managing visitor access to a school, the need to filter visitors who enter the premises has become a highlighted need for not only security reason, but health and safety as well following the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Louroe Electronics offers an array of audio solutions to meet your security needs. For school visitor management systems, the VeriFact 545 and DigiFact 895 provide the solutions necessary to keep your school safe and sound.

Two-way hands-free communication

  • The VeriFact 545 and DigiFact 895 are ideal for hands free communication integration. By enabling school staff to ask screening questions, the possibility of accidentally allowing the incorrect person onto the premises is lessened. With the ability to not only see visitors but to also be able to communicate with them in a safe, effective way is a must for managing visitors to vulnerable locations.

Seamlessly integrate with your existing video surveillance system

  • Compatible with leading ONVIF-compliant NVR’s and VMS solutions, Louore’s DigiFact 895 makes for a stress-free installation. The DigiFact 895 also has the capability to be a standalone two-way network should your security system require it. If you would prefer an analog solution, the VeriFact 545 is the perfect alternative. Designed to interface with various modes of audio/video transmission systems, the VeriFact 545 contains a built-in microphone and 4” speaker for bi-directional audio. 

Run analytical analysis for early warning detection

  • Featuring a robust quad-core microprocessor selected to deliver “judicial” quality audio, the DigiFact 895 is capable of running an analytical application which detects and reports sounds of threats including a pre-set decibel audible alarm.

Whatever your specific visitor management needs, a Louroe Electronics audio expert is happy to assist you select the best system for your school’s unique needs. Connect with a Louroe sales representative today to get started on completing your security system. Contact: or (888) 516-9231


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