Seamlessly Add Audio to Any Building Plan

When designing, planning, and constructing a new building, there are many factors that must be taken into consideration. One often overlooked aspect is the integration of physical security technology into the building’s design. When it comes to security design, many will immediately think of barbed wire, metal spikes, large fences, and other eyesores. Is it possible to design secure buildings that are also aesthetically pleasing and welcoming? Of course, and it’s simpler than you may think. 

One way to achieve this is by deploying electronic security equipment, such as a surveillance system, to monitor the site and facility for any suspicious activity. One often overlooked surveillance component- that substantially enhances the functionality of the system- is audio monitoring. By incorporating sophisticated security microphones into the surveillance system design, consultants maximize the system’s capability for monitoring coverage, evidence capture, and incident response.

Deploying Audio

Whether covering indoor spaces, like common areas and entrances, or large outdoor areas, audio systems are efficient and cost-effective solutions for any facility. The key is specifying a high-quality external microphone known for exceptional sound quality, quick installation, and simple integration with other security devices. 

A prime example is the Louroe Electronics Verifact® A, which has a subtle design that blends into its surroundings, mounting directly onto the ceiling or wall. The Verifact A seamlessly integrates with existing surveillance systems or can operate as a standalone solution. When placed at entryways, reception areas, and lobbies, the solution increases situational awareness. Additionally, microphones with sound decibel-level threshold alarming can alert security personnel to high-risk scenarios in real-time, enabling faster responses from operators. 

Similarly, Louroe’s Verifact® E is another signature microphone that features a more robust design made for outdoor spaces.  By simply adding the audio solution to parking lots, garages, or courtyards, security guards can listen to live audio and video to improve threat assessment and crime prevention efforts.


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