3 Reasons to Integrate Security Microphones with your Surveillance System

When it comes to monitoring perimeters, public spaces, and secure areas in real time and collecting evidentiary data for post-incident review, video is usually top of mind for security professionals. What many end users don’t know is that video only tells part of the story. Here are three reasons to integrate security microphones with your surveillance system.

The Importance of Audio

Today, more end users are deploying audio monitoring technology than ever before to expand the capabilities of their security systems. While video is crucial to understanding the “what” of an event, security microphones and other audio monitoring technology shed light on the “why.” Audio devices also offer several benefits in addition to complimenting video, such as dispute resolution, visitor management, remote monitoring, quality assurance, employee training, business intelligence and more.

There are many reasons to integrate security microphones and audio monitoring devices within your surveillance system. Below, however, are the three reasons we consider to be the most important:

Alarm Verification

Among the most frustrating and costly limitations of a single-device security system are false alarms. Not only do they distract first responders from true and urgent alarm events, they also cost security personnel thousands of dollars in fines and fees.

As a second-source verification device, security microphones like the Louroe Model DigiFact 855—an omni-directional security microphone—deliver the broad frequency response that users seek, capable of sensitivity in picking up low-and-high frequency audibles for reliable alarm verification.

Situational Awareness

Security personnel who only monitor or review surveillance video data only have one piece of the puzzle. Audio provides information that is critical to understanding not just what took place, but also why something happened

Integrate a security microphone like the Louroe DigiFact 885 outdoor, wall mounted, push button, two-way IP Network speaker microphone for expanded situational awareness and better-informed emergency response.

Two-way Communication with Security Microphones

In a world where communication is more difficult now than ever, given the proliferation of masks and social distancing, devices like the Louroe VeriFact 525 are proving themselves to be indispensable. This hands-free, two-way speaker microphone is equipped with Echo cancellation and full-duplex technology, allowing for effortless two-way communication with high-fidelity sound.

As the saying goes, seeing is believing. In the case of security and surveillance, there is always more going on than meets the eye. For alarm verification, situational awareness, COVID-safe communications capabilities, and many more benefits—integrate security microphones into your surveillance system.


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