3 Louroe Audio Systems Optimal for Sleep Disorder Studies in Medical Centers

During sleep disorder studies, physicians rely on video and audio systems to monitor a patient’s sleep patterns. Often, the audio quality is compromised by relying on cameras with built-in microphones, which pick up background noises, resulting in unclear speech, making playback and analysis a challenge.

For optimal insight in sleep disorder studies, utilizing specialty audio equipment that stands alone or ties into a video camera feed, is a must.

Here are three top-of-the-line audio monitoring devices from Louroe Electronics designed for sleep study applications.

  1. VeriFact® 525: Integrates audio capture directly with IP cameras and utilizes echo cancellation, so audio quality is never compromised.
  2. DigiFact® 830: The flush ceiling mounted DigiFact® 830 seamlessly connects to a VMS System then to a workstation via structured cable for continuous audio coverage.
  3. ASK-4® #501 kit: Designed for on-site single zone two-way audio monitoring and includes the AP-1TB base station with a built-in speaker and microphone.

Contact a Louroe audio professional today to learn more about how you can enhance your medical center audio monitoring.

Visual display of text from article demonstrating how Louroe audio monitoring equipment can benefit medical facilities doing sleep disorder studies.
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