• How do I order Louroe Electronics products?

    Louroe sells products through a network of dealers and distributors. Orders are placed by faxing an authorized purchase order to (818) 994-6458. For details of ordering please see Section 1 of the Agreement of Terms and From Authorized Reseller Conditions of Sale.

  • How do the authorized resellers pay for my order?

    For domestic orders, numerous payment options are available including open credit upon approval, credit card, bank transfer, and bank checks. For international orders we may require letters of credit, bank wire transfer, credit cards, or prepayment.  For information on how to obtain credit with Louroe Electronics please see Section 5 of the Agreement of Terms and Conditions of Sale or contact us at

  • What are shipping and delivery terms?

    All purchases are built to order and ship 3 days after the purchase order is acknowledged. All orders are shipped FOB Van Nuys, CA USA. Customers can provide a shipping account number with a major shipping company or Louroe will include the cost of freight on the invoice. Delivery and shipping terms can be found in Section 3 of the Agreement of Terms and Conditions of Sale.

  • Are Louroe Electronics products under warranty?

    Louroe Electronics products are serialized for accurate tractability and have a two year warranty from the original date of shipment. Warranty details are in Section 7 of the Agreement of Terms and Conditions of Sale. We find that less than 1% of products under warranty are defective. They usually are non-operable as results of mis-handling or miss-integration. Please check our installation / operation instructions sheets.

  • Integration and How do I return my Louroe Electronics product for repair or replacement?

    Should a product need to be returned for repair or replacement, please contact or call us at 818-994-6498. We will issue a Return Merchandise Authorization number to facilitate the return and repair or replacement of your item. For additional details see Sections 8 and 9 of the Agreement of Terms and Conditions of Sale.