The Integrator’s Guide to Audio

The Integrator’s Guide to Audio

Audio monitoring solutions and sound are an attractive offering for any integrator as audio provides security functionality for customers and distinguishes an integrator’s portfolio from other competitors. Follow this guide for where you can install Louroe Electronics’ best-in-class audio monitoring solutions.

Parking Lots

Utilize the Louroe TLO in parking or outdoor areas to give security staff the ability to monitor and disseminate important information over the loudspeaker. When paired with analytics, alerts can be triggered for the detection of car alarm sounds, notifying guard immediately so that actions can be taken to prevent left. 

Entryway and Reception

Place a Louroe Digifact A in entryways and common areas to easily monitor visitor flow and interactions. When paired with analytics, alerts can be triggered for aggressive or hostile vocal patterns, enabling a swift response from security personnel. 

Customer Service & Interaction Points

Place the Louroe Verifact ® A microphone in areas where interactions of interest takes place allowing staff to review interactions and settle disputes that may devolve into a “he said, she said” argument, reducing the company’s liability. 


Add Louroe microphones with glass break detection analytics to monitor windows in the building and alert security officers upon the sound of breaking glass, allowing for early intervention in intrusion scenarios. 

Video Surveillance Cameras

The Louroe Verifact ® A microphone integrates with existing video surveillance and alarm solutions. Sound from the Verifact ® A  microphone can be used to verify alarms and provide authorities with additional evidence, reducing the likelihood of nuisance alerts and unnecessary dispatch.

Benefits for Integrators

  • Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR)– As opposed to just offering remote video monitoring, offer audio as part of the package. Not only will it add value to the end user’s system, but it will add additional services and RMR for your company.
  • Average Unit of Sale– Adding a microphone or sound detector increases the average unit of sale, or the total cost of goods and services offered. The end result is higher profit margins for your company.
  • Differentiation– Stand out from the crowd and add “ears” to the “eyes” of your solutions. The added value of audio will help your company better differentiate themselves from others bidding on the same project.


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