The Top 3 Places Architects and Engineers Should be Utilizing Audio

With the unfortunate rise of violent episodes in public spaces, architects and engineers are working harder than ever to create safer and more secure facilities. Effective and secure building design involves the use of a variety of technologies to deter, detect, and respond to threats and aggressors. One technology not to be overlooked is audio capture as an important addition to any complete security solution. By utilizing audio monitoring and surveillance technology, operators can better secure their facilities and protect its occupants. See our tips below for the best way to integrate audio solutions into your building design.

Building Entrance and Reception

Placing audio detectors at points of entry and reception areas is key. By monitoring these areas, security personnel can listen for aggressive or out-of-the-ordinary behavior, enabling swift intervention to deescalate a situation. 

Hallways and Stairwells 

Sound is often the first sense that warns us of danger, and the same is true for the audio component in a security system. Rather than relying on security officers to watch multiple camera feeds at once, monitoring locations including hallways and stairwells with audio tied into physical security solutions will quickly alert security to a verified threat present in the facility. 

Parking Lots

In expansive outdoor areas, two-way audio with listen and talkback functionality, is equally important. Placing two-way audio communications, such as the Louroe TLO, in parking lots gives security staff the ability to monitor and disseminate important messages over the loudspeaker across large areas. The Digifact™ E, made for outdoor applications, features a Bell Box enclosure that houses a microphone fully equipped with audio awareness detection. Featuring built-in audio analytics, the Digifact™ E enables quick alerts and fast response times. The solution allows security officers to better monitor outdoor areas around their facilities.

These three areas can greatly benefit from audio monitoring and surveillance technology.


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