Meet the TLM-W, a Two-Way Audio Solution

How One Device Enhances School Safety, Prison Management, and Patient Care

As the saying goes, a relationship is a two-way street, as is any worthwhile conversation. If one person is talking but the other isn’t listening, you could hardly call that a conversation at all. The same concept should apply to security systems, which points to the need for two-way audio.

Most basic security systems lean on video cameras to provide round-the-clock surveillance and proactive incident response. Especially in settings like hospitals, correctional facilities, and schools, video surveillance forms the backbone of common security systems. Integrating two-way audio communication devices, then, represents a crucial step toward making a security system more reliable, secure, and most importantly, complete.

The Power of Two-way Audio

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Louroe Electronics’ suite of speaker microphones for base stations offer security integrators from all verticals the ability to activate talk/listen capabilities for indoor or outdoor on-site applications. The TLM-W, in particular, enables two-way communication between a remote area and a base station. Featuring an omni-directional microphone with a 30′ diameter that easily mounts to a wall or ceiling, the TLM-W integrates a 2.5″ Speaker with 2W power handling, built to deliver high-quality line-level output (0dBV).

Whether monitoring the condition of a patient in a hospital’s ICU ward or violent outbreaks in a prison setting, the TLM-W equips its users with efficient two-way communication and proactive response capabilities to drastically improve their security systems.

Get to know the TLM-W by exploring three applications where the technology excels:

  1. Patient-Personnel Communication
ASK 4 501 kit used in Sleep Study_two-way audio_includes TLM-W

At the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, protecting healthcare personnel from unnecessary viral exposure became a top priority for healthcare facilities. As part of this effort, two-way audio communication devices like the TLM-W found a home outside the world of security and at the forefront of this effort. By allowing nurses to easily communicate with quarantined or high-risk patients from a remote setting in real time, without having to don personal protective equipment (PPE), these devices significantly limited the risk of unnecessary exposure and increased healthcare staff’s ability to monitor multiple patients at once.

  1. De-Escalation in the Correctional Facility

In correctional facilities, these devices bolster security systems’ surveillance capabilities to keep both security officers and inmates safe in a high-stress environment. Whether installed in common areas, to monitor for vocal aggression, as well as interview rooms, for quick, clear two-way communication between facility personnel and inmates—the TLM-W enables both rapid intervention, in the case of a verbal dispute, and de-escalation and real-time response from security personnel to put hostile situations back under control.

  1. Sound and Secure School Safety

“…two-way speaker microphones like the TLM-W offer staff optimal threat control for the most vulnerable educational spaces.”

Whether deployed in school common spaces, such as entrances, hallways, or cafeterias, or in classrooms, two-way speaker microphones like the TLM-W offer staff optimal threat control for the most vulnerable educational spaces. The TLM-W enables faculty and staff to broadcast safety messages, in the event of a high-risk scenario, shelter-in-place, or evacuation. It also helps educators announce routine reminders, such as wearing a mask during a severe virus outbreak.

Key Takeaways

Whether delivering safe and reliable patient monitoring, aggression prevention among inmates in correctional facilities, or more reliable threat control on the nation’s school campuses, two-way audio monitoring using devices like the TLM-W offer users a plethora of benefits, from more informed incident response, better health outcomes, and more complete situational awareness.


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