Louroe Electronics’ TLO-A: The Power of Leveraging Audio

They can’t do it all…. Communities task the police department with many responsibilities, including keeping the community safe, responding to emergencies, and investigating crimes. With so much on their plate,…

They can’t do it all….

Communities task the police department with many responsibilities, including keeping the community safe, responding to emergencies, and investigating crimes. With so much on their plate, it is not unreasonable to believe that police departments face the unprecedented challenge of not responding as quickly as they would like to emergency events. 

According to Police1’s 2023 State of the Industry Survey, 76% of respondents concluded that low staffing has negatively impacted their departments. The report also found that 50% of those surveyed noted that it affected their ability to respond to emergencies. Furthermore, they felt that companies needed extra layers of security to mitigate these issues. 

NPR’s journalist Martin Kaste reported in his story on Morning Edition, “Why data from 15 cities shows police response times are taking longer,” that police are taking an extended amount of time to respond to criminal activity. He states that in New Orleans, police response time to 911 calls in 2019 was 51 minutes compared to 146 minutes in 2022. Kaste argues that this trend affects most major cities in the United States. Short staffing and onboarding new police officers have been a slow process.

Business owners can rely on Louroe Electronics’ two-way audio technology solution to provide a secondary-source verification to keep their communities, customers, and property safe. Louroe’s TLO-A horn can provide you with the extra security you need to provide an added layer of security.

Don’t rely on video alone

Though many business owners rely on video-security technology to keep customers and property safe, more is needed. Incorporating audio into your security system expands situational awareness and fills in the gaps that video alone can’t capture. By integrating an audio security system into your VMS (video monitoring system), you now have a turnkey solution that allows you to gather additional evidence to assist the police and reduce false alarms.

The power of audio

Leveraging the power of audio allows you to effectively monitor your business and the surrounding area, which can help mitigate potential crimes. The Council on Criminal Justice’s 2023 Mid-Year Report concluded a significant increase of 33.5% in motor vehicle thefts compared to the previous year.

A business owner can assist the police by working with a security integrator to develop a system that protects not only their customers but also their property, whether it’s their inventory, parking lot, or shop front.

Louroe Electronics’ TLO-A

By integrating audio-security technology into their security system, you can mitigate potential crimes by installing an audio horn with two-way communication. Louroe Electronics’ TLO-A provides this feature. As a business owner, you can now directly communicate with a potential criminal to scare them away from your property before it escalates into a possible crime.

Moreover, by leveraging this technology and increasing vehicular thefts, businesses can better protect customers from potential break-ins. Customers want to feel safe when shopping at an establishment.

The TLO-A is a unique product with superior sound capture and quality. The horn can integrate with most existing IP-based digital CCTV security. Moreover, the horn supports line-level audio input/output capabilities. Furthermore, the TLO-A can withstand the harshest conditions, which makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

TLO-A product features

With superior sound, the TLO-A boasts an impressive, omnidirectional microphone that has a diameter of 30’. The product allows you to secure a wide range of areas. Moreover, it can integrate with surveillance trailers that have become popular in large parking lots at grocery stores and shopping centers.

The TLO-A’s listen-and-talk-back capabilities allow businesses to hear potential car break-ins or aggressive behavior. This helps to alleviate the possibility of a crime before calling the police. By mitigating the issues, you can secure your property without bothering the police with a false alarm. Furthermore, in the event of a crime, audio as a secondary source of verification provides police with the necessary evidence to assist them in bringing the perpetrators to justice. 

Think Louroe Electronics when integrating audio monitoring technology

Businesses should consider audio security technology as essential to keeping their property and businesses safe. Keep Louroe Electronics top of mind when choosing to incorporate audio monitoring technology into your security stack. Feel free to contact us at (818) 994-6498 or contact one of our manufacturing rep firms.


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