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Louroe Electronics’ TLO-D: Harness the Power of Our IP Horn

Louroe Electronics is proud to announce the newest member of our Louroe Microphone Application Platform, the TLO-D (LE-889). Our new IP horn enhances your audio security performance. The device boasts…

Louroe Electronics is proud to announce the newest member of our Louroe Microphone Application Platform, the TLO-D (LE-889). Our new IP horn enhances your audio security performance. The device boasts a two-way communication that allows you to communicate through the built-in speaker and 15-watt amplified horn.

The IP horn is durable and thrives in both indoor and outdoor environments. With superior sound capture, you don’t have to worry about individuals not hearing you.


Louroe Electronics prides itself in being the world leader in audio technology. With these high standards, our products exhibit a rich feature set. The TLO-D’s body is composed of a durable ABS resin horn that can withstand torrential storms or intense heat. The horn also allows users to calibrate a triggered pre-recorded message to prevent crimes or inform employees of a security threat. The TLO-D is ONVIF and SIP compliant, thus allowing the device to communicate with other IP security products.

Moreover, the product supports various Codecs, including MP3, G7.22, PCMU, and Opus. The TLO-D’s microphone has a 30ft pickup and a max horn SPL of 113 DB. Lastly, the product is PoE powered.

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Easily connect to POE switch

Louroe’s IP horn allows users to access the power over the internet (PoE). PoE provides you with more accessibility. A significant benefit of PoE is the ability to plug the TLO-D into most video monitoring systems (VMS). PoE allows power and data to be transferred over a single cable, which reduces costs.

The PoE connectivity allows you to position the device in any location, indoors or outdoors. Have peace of mind knowing that the PoE connectivity provides greater security for your TLO-D, because the it protects the horn from power surges or overload from the network. 


A list of features can tell you a lot about a product, yet it’s essential to understand the overall benefits it can provide. The TLO-D is a versatile product that offers superior sound and durability. The horn allows you to react quicker to emergencies with various recorded messages and alarms and can implement a live voice response. As previously mentioned, the IP horn will enable integrators to easily install the product on most VMS networks.

The plug-and-play installation makes the product a must for integrators looking to install audio security technology in their next project. Finally, the product’s ability for two-way IP communication provides talk-back communication through the built-in speaker.

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Use cases

The TLO-D horn has various use cases, including banking, casinos, healthcare, hospitality, commercial, transportation, education, gaming, law enforcement, security, retail & c-store.

Commercial spaces

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were over 2.8 million nonfatal workplace injuries in the United States in 2022. The private sector can benefit from implementing two-way audio communication as part of their overall security protocol, especially in large warehouse facilities. The TLO-D can provide this extra layer of security through its two-way communication. The IP horn can warn employees of potentially hazardous conditions within a warehouse space.

The average warehouse space is 17,500 square feet, according to Warespace. Suppose an employee is distressed or needs to alert someone of an emergency. In that particular case, our IP horn allows the individual to talk back to alert security, who is monitoring the horn. Furthermore, with superior sound capabilities, businesses can relax knowing that the IP horn’s omnidirectional ECM microphone can reach even the furthest corners of the warehouse.

Law enforcement

In major cities across the United States, police have many responsibilities. In fact, Police 1’s 2023 State of the Industry Survey overwhelmingly concluded that 76% of law enforcement professionals surveyed believed that low staffing was impacting their departments. The TLO-D can assist you in preventing potential crimes and providing you with an added layer of protection. 

Business owners and security integrators can entrust that the TLO-D can equip businesses with secondary-source verification that keeps their businesses safe and provides a sense of security for customers. 

Public spaces

Public spaces, like train stations, can benefit from implementing IP horns by providing security personnel with a secondary source of verification through audio. Security can use two-way communication capabilities to inform passengers of delays or mitigate crimes on the platforms. In Los Angeles, CA, the LAPD reported that 1,350 violent crimes occurred on metro property and stations. Now more than ever, local governments, communities, and businesses can benefit from integrating IP horns into their security suite.  

Integrate the leader in audio monitoring technology into your security stack

Louroe Electronic’s TLO-D is a powerful audio security product that can keep your property, business, customers, and community safe. When purchasing or integrating an IP horn, consider Louroe Electronic’s TLO-D.

Louroe’s audio monitoring technology can elevate your security stack and provide you and your customers with peace of mind.

Don’t hesitate to contact one of our manufacturing rep firms or contact us at (818) 994-6498 to learn more about Louroe’s product suite.  


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