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Top 6 Locations for Audio Security Solutions in Schools

According to the School Survey on Crime and Safety, during the 2017-2018 school year, 71 percent of schools reported at least one incident of violent crime, and nearly a quarter…

According to the School Survey on Crime and Safety, during the 2017-2018 school year, 71 percent of schools reported at least one incident of violent crime, and nearly a quarter reported an incident of bullying had happened in the previous week. Each day, schools have to grapple with incidents of bullying, hate speech, fights, disorder, drug use, and more. It is imperative that schools implement new and rigorous methods to address these problems.

Bolstering School Security Systems 

Traditionally, school security personnel have relied on video as the primary method of monitoring school campuses. Video has proven helpful, as having “eyes on” helps administrators assess a situation; but this strategy presents a serious limitation, as well.  

Without audio solutions, you cannot fully understand the gravity of an incident, nor will you be adequately equipped to respond to it, as sight and sound are both essential components of situational awareness.  

How Audio Can Help 

Louroe Electronics designs audio monitoring security solutions to meet this need head on, in order to strengthen school security systems and help prevent both everyday and extraordinary instances of violence on school campuses.  

The following are the top 6 locations where schools are deploying Louroe products:  

1. Classrooms  

Often, some of the worse occurrences of violence happen right under our noses. For schools looking to increase situational awareness and provide accountability with incidents of bullying, installing audio equipment, like Louroe’s DigiFact 855 or Verifact 550, in classrooms can be a force multiplier. which flag incidents such as raised voices or violent speech and alert security personnel if needed 

2. Hallways 

The same goes for hallways, where blind spots are even more common. Because hallways often outnumber video cameras, install audio systems like the ASK-4 101 Kit to capture any suspicious noises, during and after school hours, alerting staff to any potentially dangerous situations before they escalate. Audio can also help resolve disputes, as installing microphones at key traffic and interaction points provide accountability by documenting what is said on top of recording what happened. 

3. Cafeterias and Common Areas 

The most common site for multiple-victim homicide events is large, open common areas. Even in schools that have hundreds of cameras, it is often difficult to monitor all of them all the time. Audio surveillance technology, like LE-550, ensures security personnel is given an early warning when voices are raised, guns are fired, or similar loud noises might indicate a surmounting problem. 

4. Main Entrances 

For simplified visitor management, implement high-quality intercoms, like the DigiFact 885 and Verifact 665, at main entrances where administrators can verify the identity of guests prior to them entering campus.  

5. School Buses 

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, crimes or instances of violence that occur “at school” include in the school building, on school property, on a school bus, and going to and from school. This complicates security efforts when taking into account spaces that exceed traditional “perimeters.” Audio devices like the Verifact K installed in buses, for example, can help mitigate this, as they are designed to provide optimal sound recordings while minimizing ambient noises.  

6. Parking Lot 

Beyond threat detection, audio monitoring technology creates opportunities for preventative measures as well. In situations where students might “take it outside” to avoid being caught or try and break in, after hours, two-way speaker/microphones like the TLO-A installed outdoors or in parking lots allow security to speak to an individual remotely, in real-time. Schools can also play recorded warning messages whenever audio or video sensors detect suspicious activity.  

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