Top Vertical Deployments for Two-Way Audio Solutions

Two-way audio devices provide tangible benefits for both security and communications, making this multi-faceted technology pivotal for deployments across a variety of vertical markets.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement departments respond to at least 36 million alarm activations per year. Of those alarms, between 94 and 98 percent are false, costing police departments $1.8 billion annually. By adding audio to video surveillance systems, operators can verify alarms by listening to live or recorded audio from the event. Solutions with two-way audio functionality enable first responders to disseminate important information in an emergency or communicate directly to suspects during a security event.  

Healthcare Facilities

Audio can play an important role in healthcare security, resolving verbal conflicts, and alerting security personnel to potential threats. Additionally, two-way audio enables safe contactless patient-nurse communications when dealing with highly infectious diseases, can help to validate test results, and provide an aural record for doctors to refer to.

Schools & Universities 

In the event of an on-campus threat, audio adds critical information about perpetrators that video can’t. Security personnel can use live or recorded audio to review what an aggressor may have said before a security event, providing first responders with crucial details about a suspect or scene prior to their arrival. Similarly, two-way audio solutions aid in mass notification efforts and can allow operators to speak directly to suspects during a security event.


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