Maximize Safety and Security for All Passengers

The world of transportation moves faster than ever before and affects manufacturing output, trade, business commuting, and leisure travel activity. When looking to improve security in transportation, we need to extend it beyond video and consider how audio can increase safety for passengers and employees.

Louroe Electronics™ audio monitoring solutions are ideal for the air, sea and rail sectors of the transportation industry. Airports and seaports benefit from intercoms that provide access control and additional checkpoints for visitors in restricted areas and main entrances. Microphones offer live monitoring on buses and trains and allow the driver to monitor what is happening behind him or her. Audio ensures accountability for both the driver and passengers, dissuading harassment and vandalism. By deploying two-way audio along with video, transportation staff can also interact remotely with employees or commuters in real-time, alerting them to auditory triggers™ that serve as precursors to high-risk situations.

Suggested Placements

Passenger Loading Areas

Customs and Border Protection Screening 

Common Areas

Passenger Boarding Queues

Boarding and Boarding Platforms

Waiting Areas

Passenger Transportation Cabins

Cargo Loading & Distribution Facilities 

Restricted Areas

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Value of Audio in Transportation

Value of Audio in Transportation

For certain companies, having audio and video is important to ensure security. But for our type of business, it’s mandatory.
James McVoy
I.T. Manager Bill Kolb Jr. Subaru, Orangeburg N.Y