Get to Know the VeriFact 525

At Louroe Electronics, we build solutions today for the safety and security systems of tomorrow. Because of the health and safety concerns that have arisen during COVID-19 pandemic, security systems had to evolve to meet new and complex needs. With our powerful new hands-free, two-way speaker microphone, the VeriFact 525, we have built a system that meets those needs and more.

An Evolving Landscape

Systems that integrate audio monitoring devices, for example, needed the flexibility of omni-directional audio technology, so security personnel could both surveil public spaces and issue alerts across them, without the risk of breaching social distancing guidelines. Systems that integrated push-to-talk speaker microphones, as well, needed to accommodate an environment where shared surfaces represented the threat of spreading disease.

To address these changing health and safety needs, Louroe has released the VeriFact 525.

A New Kind of Solution

A hands-free analog two-way (talk/listen) speaker microphone, the VeriFact 525 features Echo cancellation and full-duplex technology, which allows for two-way communication with high-fidelity sound. Each unit contains a built-in microphone and a 2.5” speaker for omni-directional audio and uses terminal blocks to ease the connection directly to IP cameras and encoders that feature two-way, line level audio.

Designed for indoor use, the VeriFact 525 is housed within with an aesthetically pleasing ABS plastic casing that can be surface mounted and for flush mounting, for ease of installation and effortless integration.

Important features include:

  • Handsfree analog two-way speaker microphone
  • Omni-directional microphone and 2.5” speaker
  • Compatible with most IP camera, NVRs and NVRs
  • Echo cancellation for full duplex operations
  • Sturdy ABS plastic housing
  • Adjustable speaker gain using variable potentiometer, or on IP Camera with user interface adjustment
  • UL listed

An Ideal Use Case for the VeriFact 525

In a public health crisis, during which hands-free communication is critical to protecting employees from customers and healthcare workers from patients, facilities like hospitals; clinics; urgent care, COVID-19 testing and vaccination sites; and other healthcare facilities have found the VeriFact 525 to be a powerful tool.

Whether installed in individual rooms, so nurses can communicate directly with highly infectious patients without needing to don personal protective equipment (PPE), or in emergency or waiting rooms for situational awareness and ease of intra-facility communication, the VeriFact 525 has proven invaluable.

Key Takeaways

In environments where hands-free, two-way communication can reduce the risk of transmission of an airborne disease, improve the ability for individuals to communicate across a facility, and/or heighten threat detection, allowing security personnel to provide better safety and security, the VeriFact 525 represents an important addition to any existing security system.


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