Why Audio Devices are Essential Solutions for your Portfolio

Integrators across the security industry are well aware of the need for the increased use of alarm verification methods, specifically through the use of audio technology. With sky-high false alarm rates and undermanned police departments, this issue is not only costly for your end customers but dangerous as well. When unverified alarms are received by police, they are often not prioritized. If a crime is in-fact taking place, the police may not arrive in a timely manner, decreasing the probability of crime deterrence and suspect apprehension.

Fortunately, this need can be easily met by utilizing audio monitoring technologies for secondary security sources for verification.  

Audio technology is increasingly becoming the go-to solution in many domains because audio provides two key advantages. First, it can help decrease the number of false alarms, as audio recordings can be reviewed to determine whether an alert is legitimate. Second, audio also captures critical information– such as suspect names or the sounds of explosions – which better informs police officers about the incident they are responding to.

In summary, here are three reasons why integrators should offer audio security systems to their customers:

  • Live audio clips can be sent to monitoring facilities.
    This can provide real-time verification enhancing situational awareness and giving monitoring station employees a better understanding of an event as it happens. 
  • Verified alarms get police priority.
    Audio provides alarm validation, and local authorities tend to respond faster to verified alarms because they have much higher confidence in such alarms’ authenticity.
  • Two-way audio talk down features aid in crime deterrence.
    An audio security system can provide two-way communication, such as between a guard and an intruder who is in range of the system’s microphones. While video surveillance is great for security, video alone does not let you talk to a suspect in order to diffuse a dangerous situation.


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