Why Audio is Attractive for Retailers Like Walmart

Audio has become an increasingly important element for retailers and brick-and-mortar retail success thanks to a variety of factors that not only increase security solutions but also provide helpful insights into business operations.  

Enhancing Loss Prevention

In today’s retail environment, with shrinking margins and increasing competition, it is vital for retailers to invest in audio security and loss prevention technologies in order to protect their assets, as well as reduce employee theft and shoplifting. 

Deploying audio solutions appeals to physical retailers like Walmart because these systems can greatly assist loss prevention personnel in monitoring both employee and customer activity within the store.

Additionally, in the event of a crime or customer dispute, audio monitoring adds context and evidence that video surveillance alone simply cannot provide.

Improving Employee Performance and Customer Satisfaction

Audio is also used to help stores train employees on proper protocol and optimal customer service. 

For example, stores like Walmart are considering deploying audio systems as a method of tracking employee performance. If audio sensors are deployed at or near a point of sale (POS) terminal, the system can then correlate audio data with someone working at that POS terminal, and evaluate that clerk’s performance while ringing up customers. Conversations between clerks and customers can be recorded to gauge whether they were greeting or engaging guests in a friendly, appropriate manner.

The goal: more efficient procedures, more productive workers, and improved interactions with guests. This in turn can lower a store costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Conflict Resolution

In addition to preventing theft, stores also need a plan for dealing with loud, rude, or potentially dangerous customers. Audio solutions can provide sophisticated technology to help in this area, too. Audio recordings can be made automatically and reviewed at any time to resolve verbal conflicts that may arise between store personnel and customers, or between customers.

This helps security to more quickly respond to escalating situations. Early detection means quicker intervention, and faster resolution of any conflict.

The Takeaway

When applied to retail stores, Louroe’s microphones enhance both security and service. Going forward, audio solutions should continue to see greater adoption by retailers, thanks to the numerous advantages they provide to those stores wise enough to take advantage of them.


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