Why Distributors Should Offer Louroe Electronics Audio Solutions

In the ever-changing world of security technology, staying up to date with the latest technologies from all manufacturers can be a challenge for distributors. From deciding on the best business partners to stocking the most useful equipment, there are many areas that can draw the focus away from the bottom line. Not to mention, there is the added challenge of finding products that solve common issues that all dealers and integrators face. This is where Louroe Electronics’ audio solutions come into play. 

One of the main factors fueling the boom in the audio monitoring market is the need for alarm verification in security solutions. 

By providing a simple yet effective source of secondary verification, distributors can help their customers avoid the headaches that nuisance alarms bring. With audio from a Louroe Electronics Verifact® A microphone, when an alarm is triggered, a sound clip will be sent to the monitoring station. From there, security personnel can then decide whether or not the situation warrants a police response based upon the audio clip and live sound provided. This not only defends against hefty nuisance alarm fines, but a verified alarm will immediately prioritize the response from local law enforcement.

Increased demand for early warning systems has also propelled the audio industry forward in the last year. With the uptick of violence in public places, many integrators are searching for ways to give their customers near-automatic threat detection. Decibel-level threshold alarming technologies work simply and provide powerful results by detecting rising levels of sound and alerting law enforcement immediately to enable early intervention.

These audio technologies allow distributors to recommend equipment that benefits both the integrator and end-user, by providing necessary detection and verification. This, combined with the exceptional service and support that Louroe Electronics provides its partners, makes the company a clear choice for distributors.


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