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Why Integrators Should Deploy the DigiFact® Series for Surveillance Projects

Are you a dealer, distributor or system integrator looking for IP microphones that deliver bi-directional audio? Louroe Electronics has got you covered with our new DigiFact® Series of IP Network speaker microphones.

Are you a dealer, distributor or system integrator looking for IP speaker microphones that deliver omni-directional audio?

Louroe Electronics has got you covered with our new DigiFact® Series of IP Network speaker microphones.

Key Benefits

When you have clients who need to capture every audible detail of a scene, utilize the DigiFact Series to ensure no sound is lost. Integrating into the new Louroe Microphone Application Platform (LMAP), these wide dynamic range audio devices are designed to pick up both low and high frequency audibles for the highest level of sound sensitivity. Featuring a robust quad-core microprocessor, the Digifact Series delivers “judicial” quality audio and clarity.

A key priority for your security customers today is deploying unified security systems where each component interfaces with each other for optimal feature value and performance. Built for maximum interoperability, the DigiFact Series speaker microphones are ONVIF Profile “T” compliant devices, allowing you to integrate these speaker microphone with your customer’s preferred NVR, NVR and video management system.

For your security clients searching for solutions that deliver intelligent audio and real-time intelligence, you can recommend the DigiFact Series speaker microphones for early threat detection. These devices are capable of running an analytical application that recognizes sounds associated with high-risk scenarios including: pre-set decibel audible alarm, belligerent voice/aggressive voice signals, breaking glass, car/panic alarms, and explosions.  

Coming in either a wall or ceiling flush mount model, the DigiFact Series are built for easy installation and to blend into existing surroundings. Available in a variety of sizes, DigiFact Series speaker microphones are purpose fit for a wide-range of deployment scenarios. Here are a couple of examples of prime applications for the DigiFact Series.

Use Cases

Retail. When integrators are building a security system for retail customers, the DigiFact® 880 and 890 are optimal solutions for placement at employee as well as delivery entrances. Available in either a hands-free or push button option, these audio solutions can be used in conjunction with security cameras for a more turnkey monitoring system. Louroe’s speaker microphones can also be installed under store entrance eaves. This placement ensures the audio devices are protected from adverse weather as well as positions them in an ideal location to broadcast general or safety messages. Announcements include reminding customers to wear a mask upon entering or delivering warnings to those loitering.

Healthcare. For security directors wanting to improve visitor management and verification throughout various units of a hospital, integrators can install the DigiFact® 880 or DigiFact® 830, a wall-mounted, push-button, two-way IP Network speaker microphone with a brushed stainless-steel finish, by a department floor door. Case in point, when a visitor walks up to the pediatrics floor of the hospital, the visitor will press the button on the DigiFact speaker microphone to state their name and which patient they are visiting. Personnel at the nurse station can verify the visitor’s identity for added safety before granting access to the floor. In addition to visitor management, patients in Intensive Care Units or Ambulatory Care Units, who require continuous monitoring, can be accommodated with the use of “virtual sitters,” which allows nurses or hospital staff to remotely see and speak to multiple patients while not in the room. These virtual sitters consist of a mobile cart fashioned with a speaker microphone as well as a camera in the patient’s room as well as a video monitor and audio base station at a nurse’s station. Having the ability to remotely monitor patients improves safety and efficiency for hospital staff.

Key Takeaways

Across nearly every vertical, end users are seeking smart security systems that leverage a variety of sensors and IP devices that improve situational awareness and real-time intelligence. Network audio solutions are some of the trending technologies gaining traction as they enable greater customization, sound sensitivity and analytic capabilities. For customers who want a comprehensive surveillance system that leverages intelligent audio and video, Louroe’s DigiFact® Series of IP network speaker microphones are a must. 

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