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Every year, instances of crime and violence affect millions of lives throughout Latin America. In 2021, the list of the world’s 50 most violent cities was littered with urban centers across Latin America and the Caribbean. Though violence and conflict continue to escalate around the world, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) warns about particularly high numbers of homicides and violence in Latin America, which not only worsens pre-existing humanitarian crises but also undermines growth, threatens human welfare and impedes social development, according to World Bank and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

Simply put, it’s time to upgrade security systems to prevent incidents of crime, rather than just respond to them.

Regroup and Reactivate at ESS

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The ESS+ 2022 International Security Fair is the most complete and comprehensive business and exhibition platform, where the best of the face-to-face and virtual world converges, to provide the sector with opportunities for reactivation, growth, knowledge and news. At Louroe Electronics, we want to meet every one of those opportunities with our best solutions.

Louroe has over 40 years of experience building audio monitoring solutions that set an industry standard in:

  • Secondary Source Alarm Verification
  • Real-time Incident Response
  • Complete Situational Awareness

We also have extensive experience working with customers in healthcare, education, retail and commercial industries. 

Where to Find Us

From August 24-26, ESS+ 2022 International Security Fair will take place in Bogota, Columbia, held at the Centro Internacional de Negocios y Exposiciones CORFERIAS.

Come visit us in-person at Booth #701-702 to learn more about our all new Audio Analytics, DigiFact IP Network Speaker Microphone series, as well as our most popular products including the VeriFact A, VeriFact 550, and TLO-A.

To learn more about Louroe, visit our website at louroe.com, reach out to tony@louroe.com or give as us a call at (888) 266-0554 and set up a time to meet us at our booth during the show.


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